Export – Fit – Check

  • We do analysis on whether the exporting company prepared to go international
  • Company Structure 
  • Analysis of the Core Competence 
  • Product/Market Analysis 
  • Present Marketing-Mix 
  • Competition Analysis 
  • Potential of Human Resources 
  • Basic Company Data Report 
  • Export Data Report


  • Based on the core competence of  a company, the specific market circumstances and the market opportunities we develop the "Strategic Approach" and an appropriate Market Entry Method for the targeted country markets or regions. 
  • We also create strategic international sourcing projects.
  • In some cases "Strategic Alliances" are the answer to go international successfully.
  • We implement such strategic alliances if appropriate.

Activity Plan

  • Plans for responsibilities 
  • Action Plan 
  • Schedule 
  • Human Resource Planning 
  • Financial Performance Plans

Translating Plans into Action

  • Depending on the strategy and the market entry method, ECON Export+Consulting Group puts the plans into action together with it’s clients.

We find appropriate partners for your distribution abroad.
We implement and control your foreign distribution network. 
We support you to establish sales or production subsidiaries in the targeted markets. We implement your Joint Ventures abroad.